5 reasons why you should work out with your bestie

Whether you like working out at home or at the gym – everything is easier when there is someone to keep you company!


Don’t get us wrong, working out solo has its charms. If you managed to get off your couch and head in the direction of the weights sitting in the corner of your living room – kudos to you. However, if you got into fight with a YouTube fitness instructor more than once, perhaps it is time for you to leave your living room, grab your girlfriends and hit the gym.


We give 5 good reasons why :)


  1. Better motivation and fewer bad excuses

It’s beautiful Sunday afternoon, you are lounging on your couch and watching your favorite TV show. Sounds like an excellent excuse to skip your workout session, right? Not if you have a workout routine with a friend. If you work out with someone, you are less likely to choose your couch over the gym. Studies have shown that the workout habits of your friends and family affect your own motivation. So grab your sports gear and meet with a friend at the gym – and leave your lesser half sitting on the couch.


  1. Working out becomes more fun

There are too many things about working out which are not exactly fun, unless you have somebody to laugh at them with. For example, jumping around like a crazy kangaroo at zumba class will be easier to bear if you have a friend around who can laugh about it with you afterwards.


  1. You will motivate each other

Working out with somebody can make the difference when you feel like giving up. By motivating each other, you will also push each other’s boundaries. Studies have shown that women who work out with their best friend have better results than those who work out solo.

Does this mean you’re done for if you can’t find time for working out with a friend? Hardly. There’s a ton of great apps you can use to exchange your workout data and push each other to achieve a better score next time. Who will run the most in March? Who can do more push-ups in under a minute?


  1. Sport brings people together

People who work out together create a group identity. It certainly feels good to achieve something on your own, but nothing beats the feeling of sharing it with a friend who knows exactly how hard you fought to defeat your inner sloth. And if things don’t go quite according to plan? Who cares! Things always start looking up as soon as you get a friendly pat on the back.

Sharing such experiences brings you closer to other people and makes your friendships stronger.


  1. Who trains together, stays together

You should also think about working out with your significant other. Studies have shown that couples who regularly work out together are happier in their relationships. Working out together intensifies the attraction and sexual appeal.


So, are you still on the couch, or are you heading to the gym with your bestie?

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