5 tips for choosing the perfect styling

If you’re looking for a formal outfit for a special occasion, take a look at some tips offered by Matea of the @click4chic blog.


1) Set your spending limit

One of the keys elements prior to going shopping is forward planning of the amount you’re going to spend on the styling you have in mind. We all get easily distracted from the basic intention and often spend more than we would have liked. That’s why the discounts at Roses are the ideal hunting ground for formal pieces.

You should take into account that, apart from the clothes and accessories, a particular occasion will also require make-up and hairstyle, so consider how much you’re willing to spend. Keep your eye on the discounts and sales promotions and find something you like at the right price.

2 Comfort comes first

If you’re buying a formal outfit, you’re probably headed to an event/occasion of considerable importance. Therefore, keep comfort in mind above all else. We easily fall for high heels or a tight dress, but it’s better to choose something you’ll feel good in, to avoid disaster on such an important day!

3 Less is more

This is something my mum’s been telling me my whole life, and I’ve only recently started to consider it. Less really is more, and, believe me, it goes for every type of styling. Choose an item of clothing to draw the focus, and keep the rest neutral. Reduce the amount of jewellery if you’re wearing a dress with a print, or the opposite if your styling is simple.

4) Invest in accessories

A prom dress or a dress for a friend’s wedding is probably one that you won’t wear ever again, unless you opt for something simple. Nevertheless, if a certain dress or skirt that has caught your eye is one that you won’t be wearing repeatedly, choose a cheaper one. Discounts offered by Roses are ideal just for that kind of purchase. It’s better to spend money on high-quality, comfortable shoes or a leather bag that you’ll keep for the rest of your life.

5) Style over trend

Nowadays, trends are hard to avoid, since we’re being bombarded by them from all sides. We often forget that styles seen on catwalks may not suit our body shape.

Before you buy, check the cut and tailoring of your chosen item and how it fits you. And if you go for something classic, believe me, you’ll have an item to last you a lifetime, not just a season!




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