New at Roses – Aqua!

All lovers of marine-inspired themes and motifs are bound to be thrilled by the collections offered by the Aqua store!


The Beach collection has introduced lively colours and cheerfulness into the predominating blueness of the Aqua store! Breezy tunics, sarongs, beach towels, swimsuits, rubber jewellery, men’s towels and swimming trunks, bags both big and small (and we know no bag’s big enough when you’re trying to fit everything in!), beach mats, flip-flops…it offers everything you need for a day on the beach or boat, or on a day trip…


The Home collection could also be called the home and garden collection since, in the summer, our home moves outdoors – to the garden, terrace, boat or beach. Baskets, pillows, boxes and carpets made from seaweed, cotton blankets and soft pillows for chilly summer evenings, crockery for your boat or terrace or for a jolly picnic in nature, or perhaps scented candles to remind you of days of leisure and pleasure – you can find them all in the collection.

Enjoying the sea and sun is wonderful, but it is equally nice to remember the hot days of summer with souvenirs and marine-themed trinkets while you’re hanging out on the balcony of your city home or warming up in the kitchen while it is snowing outside – like drinking tea from your favourite sailor mug snuggled under the warm blanket that accompanied you on trips around the world…

The Marine collection is all about stripes…double stripes, nautical stripes, wide stripes, thin stripes, blue stripes, red stripes, Breton stripes…

For us, stripes are always in fashion!
Add 100% natural materials such as cotton, viscose and linen and classic and simple designs to the mix, and you’ve got our Marine collection!
Combine dresses, tunics, classic polo shirts, skirts and T-shirts with an original Panama hat for a look you can wear to the beach, for a stroll or for going out…,


The children’s collection Ribica & Zvjezdica (Fish & Starfish) was the first that we designed ourselves, and this collection of school supplies for kids and teens has become one of our classics. This simple and refreshing design has since then moved from notebooks, erasers and pencils to a variety of other items…glasses, plates, handbags, bracelets, shirts, towels, swimming trunks, pillows and beach mats.  In addition to decorating our own products, this design also helped us establish successful cooperation with the brand Havaianas – which you’ve heard of, no doubt!     This is how, in 2008, the first limited edition of Havaianas flip-flops with our design was launched, and it’s still being manufactured alongside new models.

The concept of the Aqua store was invented by a creative duo from Zagreb in 2002, and the first Aqua store opened in the small Croatian tourist town of Bol on the island of Brač.


Bol, which boasts one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, proved to be an excellent choice.  Seven new stores were opened just one year later, and about twenty more opened in 2009. The same year, a large change in the company occurred, and the private capital fund Nexus Alpha entered the ownership structure to help the brand conquer the Croatian and foreign market with even greater ease. And what a fantastic move that was! Already the following year, Aqua had 49 stores, and the franchise model of business proved to be the best.

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