Ideas for trekking in northwestern Croatia

Trekking is growing increasingly more popular as a form of recreation in Croatia. It’s a physical activity which involves moving over various types of natural terrain. Whether you run or walk on plains, hills or mountains is up to you, that is, your level of physical fitness.

It’s the ideal form of exercise for those who love nature, spending time outdoors, forests, heights and adventure.

And we’re here to bring you more information on two ideal trekking regions in northwestern Croatia.

The Zagorje region

Zagorje offers a range of possibilities for outdoor activities. Visiting Zagorje also means that you can get high-quality trekking equipment at the Roses Designer Outlet on your way there, which makes this region ideal for trekking.

Zagorje is a little piece of heaven, and any trekking enthusiast will appreciate the picturesque beauty of the hills of this area.

There are plenty of paths suitable for every level of physical fitness. Numerous wine routes and tours of scenic castles, as well as gorgeous hiking trails overlooking the whole of the Zagorje region.

Zagorje also has its own trekking league, and you can find out more about it here ( Ideas for routes can also be found on the Zagorje Bike website


The Međimurje region

Međimurje is another destination where you can enjoy trekking all year long.

There are no high mountains, which is perfect for trekkers less capable of challenging climbs. The highest point in Međimurje is “Cimermanov brijeg” (345 m).

The enchanting plains along the Mura and Drava rivers are ideal for spending hours on end surrounded by nature and enjoying the sounds of water.

Međimurje is in fact the smallest county in Croatia. Therefore, the more physically fit can traverse it from one end to the other in just a few hours. The most popular trekking routes start in Čakovec in the direction of Štrigova, through the wine route or trail starting in Čakovec in the direction of Prelog, Kotoriba or other locations in lower Međimurje.

You can also download the mobile app containing bike and hiking trails of Međimurje at (


We hope to have enticed you in giving this great form of recreation a try. And before you leave for your first trekking tour, make sure you have the right equipment, especially footwear. You’ll find everything you need in one of the sports shops at Roses.

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