New at Roses –!

New store opens at Roses  –!

For more than 20 years (just like our parent company Intertekstil Stanić), we have been striving to improve the offer of textiles on the market. Our aim is enrich your life by bringing first-class products closer to you – from Turkey and Egypt to India and Pakistan, we search for the finest materials, collaborate only with hand-picked suppliers and select patterns, colours and designs for months. Only after they are designed, selected, manufactured and tested in this manner do we place the products on our shelves. Thanks to our many retail stores throughout Croatia and our web shop, our linens (and much more!) are never farther than arm’s reach away!

In addition to boasting a wide variety of linens, as well as bathroom, kitchen and decorative product ranges, our services go the extra mile – by offering products tailor-made to your needs. Fill your bedroom, living room and bathroom with one-of-a-kind products that you have designed together with us!

Ručnik Madame Softy cvijeće roza Home classic

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