Roses open 2017

We enjoyed watching engaging matches played by recreational and professional athletes, rooted for our favourites, danced to the beats played by our DJ, enjoyed the performances of the gorgeous cheerleaders from the ˝Cedevitasice˝ team and participated in prize draws with valuable awards from our sponsors.

All of these exciting events happened during our beach volleyball tournament. The recreational athletes played on 19 and 20 August, while the tournament of the individual Croatian championship in beach volleyball was played between 25 August and 27 August 2017.

The winners of the women’s competition were

1st place – Dina Bečić and Sara Radanović

2nd place – Katarina Pilepić and Jurja Vlašić

3rd place –  Antea Tadić and Dunja Milin


The winners of the men’s competition were

1st place – Filip Silić and Ivan Đorđević

2nd place – Vid Jakopin and Jure Peter Bedrač

3rd place –  Josip Pribanić and Dean Cibić


Roses open 20a Roses open 2017 20 Roses open 2017 21

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