Saša Lozar in Roses!

Everything’s very simple at Roses. There is no unnecessary embellishment or complications. You come, you see, you buy! As the ancient Romans would say 😉

SL (8)

And that’s the best thing about Roses! Quality stuff, but way cheaper than in the shops you can find in the city. I believe nowadays everyone wants that feeling that they bought a great thing without being ripped off. That’s why stickers saying “50% off” make me especially happy, and there are plenty of those at Roses.

It’s just the right size: you can’t get lost and there is no need to rush through the shops and, in addition to that, you still have time for lunch in one of the excellent little restaurants over there or in the vicinity of the centre. Just like a road trip!

The most important thing of all is that I got my whole family covered. A pair of Nike Air Max trainers at a ridiculous price for my daughter, a scarf, a pair of gloves and a Guess bracelet for my wife, and a few more things for myself… There was so much stuff that I had to buy a suitcase to put everything inside. I was planning to buy one anyway since I will be going on a trip soon, but they were much more expensive in the city.

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Roses is a pleasant change from stuffy shopping malls where you can’t even smell freshly roasted chestnuts from Zagorje. The guy who sold them kept trying to get into my radio show on Antena Zagreb and to sing with me at my concert, which I found very cool. I hope he will actually have the courage to join me.

SL (9)

All things considered, I will be back for Christmas shopping because I did not manage to buy everything I wanted to.

Youtube video Saša Lozar in Roses

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