Soon at Roses – Retro Jeans !

New Retro jeans store opening at Roses !

Retro Jeans is a premium quality denim brand, offering a wide range of clothing, shoes and accessories to its consumers. Each product is carefully designed, which allows us to create unique, modern and innovative items that are authentic and modern at the same time. We balance our instincts and guide our decisions by continuous market research and analysis, while always responding to the needs of our costumers.


Our main goal is to satisfy our costumers, therefore, we hold ourselves to the highest standards. The value of the Retro Jeans brand is an ultimate importance, since we do not only provide clothing, but a lifestyle. Our target market consist of fashion conscious, self- confident, detail oriented young men and women, who are constantly focusing on the latest trends. We want them, to love their Retro clothing, and enjoy wearing them. The focus on our quality is always emphasized, therefore we are aiming for improvement and innovation from season to season. Retro is an identity that complements a casual, fast paced, fashion forward, urban lifestyle.


The connection between Retro and its consumers is formed in our stores, which are places of energy, inspiration and provide a consumer delight. Our stores communicate the dynamic, fresh and modern attributes of our team, who seek consumer satisfaction.


Today, our entrepreneurial spirit has helped us grow into a successful brand, but we are not stopping there! There are many more adventures to come, but one thing will always remain at the heart of everything we do; passion for our customers and delivering quality clothing with outstanding service.




Stay tuned! Fashion is a lifestyle, Retro is a choice. We believe in Retro.

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