Spring look by @psychocouture

Check out the spring outfits that our own Ana, of the “@psychocouture” fashion blog, has discovered and selected in the Roses stores


1 Pastel colours

I love the play between colours and textures so I matched this pastel blue brocade jumpsuit and frilly mesh blouse with nude satin platforms and a bright pink handbag. I loved the final look, a bit romantic, a bit eclectic, and pure spring.

IMG_6613 copy

xyz,-Fracomina,-prije-1-NEWNEW_xyz--outlet,-Fracomina,-prije-919-kn,-sada-459,50-knReplay, prije 570 kn, sada 399 kn Karla, Furla, prije 2.630 kn, sada 1.990 kn

1. xyz outlet, Fracomina ca. 189 € ca.57 €  2.xyz outlet, Fracominaca. 121 €  ca.61 € 3.Replay ca. 75 €  ca.53 €, 4. Karla, Furla  ca. 346 €  ca.262 €


2 Dress

Slip dresses are currently in, and this beautiful three-coloured one instantly caught my eye. It’s minimalist, but with a dash of colour, and goes well with a small handbag of a similar colour to the dress and black heels. I’d wear this to a formal occasion or an event – it’s simple, yet effective.

IMG_6770 copy

NEW_xyz outlet, Armani, prije 1.699 kn, sada 1.189,30 kn Shoebox, Wish, 299,90 kn xyz outlet, Elisabetta Franchi, prije 1.749 kn, sada 1.224,30 kn

1. xyz outlet, Armani Excange, ca. 224 € ca.157 €  2.Shoebox, ca.40 € 3.Xyz outlet, Elisabeta Franchi ca. 230 €  ca.161 €


  1. Red jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are perfect for spring and they really come in handy when I have no idea what to wear. You can combine them for a casual or formal look – with flat shoes or small block heels like these in a similar tone for an everyday look, or high heels for evening. To this all-red combination I’ve added a curious handbag in a contrasting blue which really uplifts the monochrome.

IMG_7177 copy

Jones,-prije-1.459-kn,-sada-729-kn-new Karla, Fabio Rusconi, prije 1.350 kn, sada 750 kn Karla, Furla, prije 3.250 kn, sada 2.270 kn

1. Jones,  ca. 192 €  ca.96 €  2. Karla, Furla ca. 428 €  ca.299 € 3. Karla, Fabio Rusconi ca. 178 €  ca.99

4 Athleisure

I adore athleisure and, come spring, I wear it the most. I was inspired by this cool Diesel bomber jacket in Roses and I’ve decided to pair it up with red sweatpants, t-shirt with a minimalist print, and white sneakers. This adorable backpack brings together the red and white casual sports look that’s never dull.

IMG_7775 copy Diesel, prije 4.560 kn, sada 2.299kn -newSportina-Outlet,-Marx,-239-kn-2.jpg Sportina Outlet, Only, 109 kn xyz outlet, Moschino, prije 1.539 kn, sada 1.077,30 kn adidas outlet store, Reebok, prije 699 kn, sada 499 kn

1. Diesel, ca. 600 € ca.303 €  2. Sportina, Marx  ca.32 € 3. Sportina, Only ca.14 € 4. Xyz outlet, Moschino  ca. 203 €  ca.142 € 5. Adidas/Reebok outlet,  ca. 92 €  ca.66 €

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