Tips for choosing the perfect swimsuit

Summer arrived much earlier than we expected and a few sunny weekends that lured swimmers out onto beaches are already behind us, but the real swimming season still lies ahead and this is the right time for you to choose your ideal swimsuit. In order to help you with that, we decided to create a small guide to buying your ideal swimsuit, so you would elicit admiring looks regardless of your body shape.


Women’s body shapes are specific and depend mostly on genetics, but also partially on proper diet and exercise. Summer is the most critical time of year because that is when we are the most exposed, and swimsuits reveal much more than they hide. However, there are some rules that can help you feel self-confident and at ease even when you are not wearing very much. Of course, the most important factor is how you feel: that you like the swimsuit and that you feel good wearing it. Speaking of body shapes, there are a few basic types, and they are the following – hourglass, pear, apple, and banana shape. We should also add the body shape with a smaller behind and with more pronounced or less pronounced breasts to that.


The hourglass is a body type with pronounced breasts, accentuated hips, a larger behind, and thighs that follow that body shape. According to many research results, it is the most ideal and most common body shape for women.

It is best to accentuate your attributes if you have this body type, and the best choice for that is a two-piece swimsuit. A retro one-piece swimsuit is a good choice for this shape because it looks great on women with curves, covers up imperfections and visually elongates the legs. The top should be triangle-shaped, without padding, while a bottom with strings or narrow sides is the best choice for the lower part. If breasts are larger, the top should be darker and provide more support. Speaking of prints, make sure they do not get stretched over the curves, and pick vertical stripes or this year’s top trend – flower print.

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The pear shape has the following characteristics – accentuated hips, thighs and bottom, while the upper part of the body is smaller, i.e. smaller breasts and narrower shoulders.

A two-piece swimsuit works best for this type of body made famous in pop culture by Beyonce and J. Lo. If you have this body shape, you do not have to avoid one-piece swimsuits, but a bikini would be a much better option. Choose a swimsuit which will visually equalise the upper and the lower part of the body – the bottom should be a classic slip, high-waisted, or mini boxer shorts, while the ideal top half would be a halterneck because they make the shoulders look visually broader, which balances out the whole body shape. Make sure to pick a model with padded cups for visually larger breasts.

When it comes to bikini bottoms, you should avoid loud patterns and choose darker, single-colour bottoms – black, dark blue, burgundy, dark gray… While the top can (and should) be brighter or feature popular prints of the season.

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The main characteristic of the apple body shape is a pronounced belly, i.e. the majority of the body mass is located in the middle part of the body.

The best choice for this body type is a one-piece swimsuit, but there are things to consider even with this model. Such swimsuit models are plentiful on the market, so look out for detailing. The most important thing is to focus on the cleavage – look for a deeper cut top as this allows you to accentuate the breasts and diverge attention from the area you’re trying to hide; pick a style with moulded cups. Also make sure that the bottom is not too low, i.e. that it is cut higher, because that allows you to accentuate your legs. Details such as peplum or various piping and frills are a good choice. Vertically oriented geometrical patterns and darker shades are the best choice for this body shape. Avoid prints.

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The banana shape is a body shape with no pronounced waist, breasts are smaller, and shoulders are broader. This body shape is characterised by narrower hips and more pronounced legs.

Feminine styles are the right choice for women with this body shape. Those styles will visually “create” and accentuate the waist, as well as slightly enlarge the breasts by using prints. Colourful swimsuits and swimsuits with prints are an excellent choice.

The best choice for this body shape are one-piece swimsuits. For example, models with a high rise or models with slits on the hips which accentuate the body shape. Avoid styles that are not fitted and have no straps, as well as boxer shorts.


A smaller behind and thin legs are characteristic for the majority of women, so we decided to mention that as well. For this body type, it is best to play with details – creases, bright colours, and ruffles are just some of your allies. Namely, those style elements are the easiest way to add some volume or hide imperfections. A retro-style bottom with ruching and a slightly higher waist is an excellent choice for this body shape. Swimsuit manufacturers often take that into account as well, so they make swimsuit bottoms with prints that hide imperfections; keep an eye out for that when making your choice.

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Large breasts can also be a problem for women at the beach, so if nature endowed you with ample cleavage, make sure you pick the right size cups to keep everything in place. Pick a model with wider straps and moulded cups, and avoid too many details – frills and ruching, prominent patterns, triangle-shaped swimsuit pieces with thin straps or strapless styles, because that will all significantly hinder your carefree enjoyment at the beach. An excellent choice is a one-piece swimsuit.


For small breasts, the situation is quite different. The best choice are two-piece swimsuits, and you do not have to worry about a certain cut for the upper half because support is not necessary and you can play with shapes. Bright colours, frills, creases, and push-up are welcome features for this body shape, and the more of the aforementioned elements on the swimsuit, the better. Flower print, stripes, patterns, and geometrical shapes are an excellent choice for small breasts.


In addition to these tips, also take into consideration the practicality, comfort, and functionality when choosing a swimsuit. That way, you can fully enjoy your holiday and your swimsuit will not end up being just a complication.

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