Croatia’s renowned stylist and designer Ivan Friščić is here to provide you with some useful tips on this spring’s top trends.

Every year, during major fashion weeks, we get a glimpse of what’s in store for the upcoming season so that we have plenty of time to prepare. We won’t go into how trends are created right now, but the fact is, they’re here and we love following them – us shoppers and high-street shops which almost perfectly recreate the looks seen on Paris catwalks. It must be said that this is a spring season that we await with joy, since rarely has an upcoming season brought us such sophistication with a dash of chic. Continue reading to find out more about the trends that await us this spring.

  1. Shimmer and shine

Sequins and shimmer in every outfit? It doesn’t get any better than that. If combined with a basic piece, like a white T-shirt or jeans, they can be worn for day as well, and if you want to grab some serious attention, choose a sequinned suit or dress and push an everyday look to its limits. The biggest fashion brands, like Gucci, Dior, Chanel, Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs, announced sequins aplenty for this season, and we can’t wait. Best of all, most cheaper brands and those you can find in your favorite outlet centre are also stocked to the brim with sequinned pieces.

  1. Pastels

Whether it’s violet, pink, yellow or blue, last year’s trend is here to stay, bringing an abundance of pastel shades on every item: blouses, dresses and even trousers. These soft colours are distinguished enough on their own, so you can combine several colours and colour-block, or simply choose a single piece in this season’s shades. Spring has a natural tendency towards colour, more so than the winter season, so feel free to blossom and let your imagination run wild. Make your every day vibrant with playfully coloured clothes.

  1. Checks

Whether it’s houndstooth, plaid or gingham, everything checked is welcome, as shown by Balenciaga’s oversized coats or Victoria Beckham’s somewhat more traditionally styled suits and dresses. If your fashion statement needs a touch of femininity, sophistication or formality, this is your pattern of choice. These patterns are one of the biggest trends of the season which continue from previous years, and they’re definitely here to stay. Investing in this trend means investing in the future, since checked patterns are set to stick around for a good few seasons to come.

  1. Plastics

Despite being present in fashion for a long while, they still rate highly in terms of fashion trends. Plastic pieces will be a smash for spring and summer 2018 and are available in all colours. Whether you choose over-the-knee boots, a coat or high-heeled shoes, this material provides the chic and trendy vibe every fashionista strives for.

  1. Fringing

Fringing is back in high style this season, which we find absolutely fantastic. It takes us back to a time when fashion was a priority and women looked better than ever. Celine and Yves Saint Laurent are just some of the designers that brought tassels back to life in their own sophisticated ways. They come in all shapes and lengths on every kind of garment – from dresses and blouses to trousers and handbags. Dare to give fringing a whirl.

  1. Bold colour

This summer, intense colours will be all the rage, according to international fashion weeks which are always the ultimate indication of upcoming trends. Choose a bright yellow, green or blue suit and try out some accessories, such as shoes or handbag. Add another bright colour and create a colour-block style that is bound to make heads turn and catch the attention of streetstyle photographers.

  1. Transparency

Sheer items have been around for some time, as transparent coats, dresses and skirts worn over jeans or simply over high-waisted knickers for a sexier look. This year, Dior gave us a perfect lesson in transparency, so do check that out as well.

  1. Ruffles

Ruffles give every item a touch of femininity and sophistication, even a simple T-shirt. We prefer them on dresses and skirts, of course, since they flatter the figure so well.

  1. Cinderella shoes

If sequinned dresses are too much for you, why not choose shiny shoes like the ones worn by our dear Cinderella? Whether it’s a block heel or stiletto, choose those that make walking effortless. What’s more, since even socks with shoes are trendy this season, try combining cute ruffle-hem socks with block-heeled sequinned shoes.

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