Varteks a Croatian textile and fashion house with almost a century’s worth of tradition and experience.

In the Varteks store in Roses Outlet, you can find collections from their fashion brands Di Caprio and Varteks.

Di Caprio is Varteks’s premium fashion brand aimed at both men and women.  Its collections possess a Mediterranean flavor and are designed by Varteks’s experts to respond to both current trends and the needs of customers.

In addition to their collections of business and casual clothing, Di Caprio also gives particular attention to fashions for formal occasions, and its clothes are adapted to suit various body types. In addition to numerous outfits, Di Caprio also offers accessories that perfectly complement their fashions, providing you with a ˝total look˝ for every occasion.

Varteks is a classic fashion brand for businessmen that has, owing to its tradition and high quality, become a synonym for dressing well. The fashion brand Varteks is characterised by the fusion of fine textiles and classic lines that is completed with subtle details and, finally, rounded off with top-quality manufacturing.

Contact info:

Phone: +385 49 228 863

Email :  [email protected]

Number on map: 167

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