A mini handbag will transform every woman’s wardrobe

If you prefer a larger bag, just remember how difficult it is to find anything in it. This is where beautiful mini handbags come in, in which you can carry only the most essential items.

Have you noticed that, with every season, trainers are becoming bigger, and handbags smaller? From the autumn/winter 2018 collections of Miu Miu, Marni, and Altuzarra, through Giambattista Valli’s mini handbags, we have slowly reached the micro models that can easily be substituted for key holders. More extreme models include those from the current winter season by Jacquemus, to be worn on one finger only.

Around three or four years ago, handbags began to get smaller. The usual dimensions of women’s handbags suddenly grew smaller and smaller. From big spacious models which were used to carry all of our belongings, we have reached a stage where the most desirable bags in a woman’s wardrobe have become significantly smaller, with a long chain or a leather belt. They are being casually slung over the shoulder and contain only what is most necessary.

If you are still carrying your oversized bag, the time has come to be bold, to take only what is most essential out of your bag, and choose a mini handbag that will make your life so much easier. For a start, you will no longer feel the pain in your back and shoulders that has followed you all these years while you were carrying that large and heavy bag. We bet you’re not even aware of all the things you carry in it. An extra pair of shoes, another t-shirt, gloves, a hat, sunglasses, reading glasses, makeup bag, wet wipes, tissues, sanitary pads…Does this list ever end?🙂

Bags are an essential fashion accessory and we all have at least a few models for every occasion that we carefully select and combine with the rest of our outfit. Imagine a life with a small handbag: mobile phone, keys, sunglasses, a small wallet, a lip balm or lipstick (and perhaps another thing or two). Even though they may seem impractical at first, small handbags still rule the fashion season, and they have been welcomed and embraced by influencers and celebrities who always inspire us. Even Kin Kardashian West and Rihanna love them.

Forget oversized heavy bags – in 2020, it is all about the mini and midi handbags. Large enough to store all your essentials, and as practical as it is adorable. It also makes your styling look more cool and casual. You’ll struggle to put a credit card, a mobile phone, and keys into a micro “Le Chiquito” bag, so we believe that beautiful mini handbags are a better option.

One look at popular street-style fashion combinations, or better yet, one look at Instagram, is enough to conclude that a handbag is important and, what’s more, that its size is just as vital – a mini handbag does not have to be a micro handbag, it should be big enough to store all the basic items we carry every day. What are you waiting for? Start searching. At Roses Designer Outlet, you will find a huge selection of this fashion candy – we already know that when you see their price tags, it will be impossible to choose just one.

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