We wear hoodies on every occasion, and we like to style them in countless ways!

We no longer wear hooded sweatshirts, the popular hoodies, only for sporting activities and events. We now wear them for work, when we go to dinner...

Over the last few seasons, fashion has become extremely comfort-oriented, and the first thing we consider is whether we feel comfortable as well as fashionable when choosing what to wear. So we took the best sportswear and sports footwear items in our wardrobe and began combining them with everyday styles for work, college, school, nights out, and even for more formal occasions.

Hoodies became popular in the 1930s, when the American brand Champion developed an efficient technology for sewing thicker materials in factories. The first items sewed were intended to protect workers from the cold winters in New York. Champion soon received an order for making hoodies for the American army that recognised them as a great clothing item to be worn during rigorous workouts of the Marines. After that, the hoodie conquered the sports world. However, what made these comfortable sweatshirts iconic was the blockbuster “Rocky” from 1976. The movie follows a determined boxer Rocky Balboa on his climb from rags to riches. On this path from a Philadelphia suburb to the top of the world, he wears his grey hoodie. A tribute to the hoodie can later be found in numerous other movies, even in the series House of Cards that portrays less honourable characters than Rocky. In the 1970s, Bronx was the birthplace of hip-hop culture, rap, graffiti, and breakdance, and one of the trademarks of the movement was also the hoodie. The hoodie enabled dancers to move smoothly, while also helping graffiti artists hide from view. Back then, this item of clothing was associated with protest and, unfortunately, with marginalised social groups, but over the years, it has found its way to high fashion, only to become part of the tech uniform. It is widely known that Mark Zuckerberg wore a hoodie during a business meeting with investors from Wall Street. The term hoodie itself was coined in the 1990s, and the first designer to show it on the catwalk was designer Norma Kamali. And it has been a staple on the catwalk ever since.

Casual comfort are words that best describe the hoodie – the item of clothing we all love to wear ever since we were kids. The hooded sweatshirt is a piece we like to wear every day and never take it off. Luckily, it seems all fashion brands are fond of it – from the high street and its more affordable pieces to those whose fashion shows we watch every season (Isabel Marant, Balenciaga, Vetements).

The hoodie – a must-have item in men’s fashion, whether it is worn under a coat, a blazer, a leather jacket, or even when boldly combined with classic-cut trousers.

We especially look forward to oversized hoodies during the spring when, along with a leather jacket or a blazer, they become our favorite piece – easy to combine, and always look good. Kind of casual, but very cool. A casual hoodie has become an item we wear regularly, and, just like trainers, we wear them in every possible combination. On every occasion – from casual and sports ones to formal ones (combined with a blazer), or elegant ones when we combine our hoodie with, for example, a midi skirt and high heels with thin straps.

If you have not yet found your favourite hoodie, take a peek in sports or high-street stores. If you take a closer look, you will realise that there is a broad selection of this once popular sports item which has now become a street-style staple.

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