How to dress to look slimmer?

Use our tips and tricks to hide a few extra pounds easily

Working from home, indulging in food and drink over the holidays, lack of movement during the colder months… it all takes a toll on our figures.

Luckily, with a good choice of outfit, you can hide many small flaws. We bring you five tips on how to hide those few extra inches by dressing smarter to look slimmer.

Tuck your top into your trousers or skirt

One of the easiest tricks you can try immediately is tucking your top into your trousers or skirt. It doesn’t matter whether you’re wearing a blouse, a turtleneck or a t-shirt. However, it is important that the bottom you are wearing is high-waisted. Tops tucked into low-waisted trousers or skirts will add instead of hide a few extra inches. Try it out. The difference is visible regardless of whether you wear a size XS or XXL.

Darker colours

A piece of advice we’ve all probably heard before: “Black makes you look slimmer”. That much is true. However, it would be a pity not to wear all the other beautiful colours besides black. In order to look slimmer, you don’t have to wear only the darkest colours – you can opt for darker shades of light colours as well. This means that you will not choose a snow-white shirt, but rather a cream-coloured one. You will not buy a bright red dress but rather a burgundy one. These darker shades of the same colour will help you look slimmer. Pay attention to this the next time you’re trying on things in a fitting room – you will be surprised.

Add some jewellery

Jewellery is always a good investment. It gives flair to any outfit and can also help you look slimmer by emphasising a certain area of the body. Long earrings, for instance, emphasise a long, thin neck. A necklace emphasises a nice cleavage and neck. Consider the length of a necklace. A shorter necklace emphasises the neck and collarbone, while a longer model emphasises the cleavage. However, the necklace shouldn’t be too long because it may add extra weight around the belly. Bracelets and rings can also serve as a distraction. Pieces with colourful pendants or bright colours will look particularly good with a summer outfit and distract from a few extra pounds you might be carrying.

Lengthen your neck visually

As well as wearing a necklace, you should also be showing your neck. Avoid wearing turtlenecks if you have a shorter and thicker neck – it will make your neck look even thicker. A top with a suitable neckline can visually lengthen the neck. Shirts and blouses that emphasise the collarbone are an excellent choice. Also, leave a few buttons on your blouse undone.

Midi skirt It’s no secret that short skirts and shorts can easily make even the most slender legs look unattractive. That is why a midi skirt is an excellent choice. Its length emphasises the joints and legs, and flatters the figure. A further advantage of midi length pieces is that it immediately makes any woman look more elegant.

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