Layering – Perfect for Changeable Spring Weather

Successful layering combinations don’t just happen – there are several important rules to follow

Do you know the secret to creating the perfect spring outfit? The magic solution is none other than layering.

Layered clothing has its uses even after the winter months are long gone. In springtime, when the sun is still a far cry from its warm summer glow, not to mention the cold spring wind that often blows, you can go to town with different layers and combine your favourite winter pieces with new items more suited for spring.

But which pieces does it even make sense to combine and what does the perfect layered outfit for the transitional period look like?

Most importantly: When you’re putting different layers you can let your imagination run wild. However, the overall result will look much more put-together if you don’t stray from the same colour family or if you play around with complementary colours (e.g. yellow and purple or blue and orange).

You can also mix and match different textures to make the outfit look multidimensional. You should definitely spruce up the combination with a couple of shorter pieces (such as a sleeveless sweater) and accessories such as a scarf or shawl, which you can easily take off it gets warm during the day.

Sweaters are ideal for situations when you may need a layered outfit that looks a little bit more professional. If you wear it over a shirt or a dress, it will provide additional warmth. However, you can also just casually put it over your shoulders and tie the sleeves together.

Very few pieces of clothing are as versatile as a blazer. It matters little whether you wear it over a dress, a turtle neck or a silk blouse: A blazer immediately makes the outfit look more grown-up and serious. Depending on your build, a blazer can make the outfit more laid-back – for example, if it’s loose-fitting with interesting buttons. A blazer also works great as an extra layer under your coat, and if you want to highlight your waist, a nice belt will certainly do the trick.

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