The perm we loved so much in the 1980s is a huge hit all over again

That’s right, you read that correctly. This popular hairstyle from the 80s is coming back

After the movie “Flashdance” was released in the 1980s, everyone wanted a perm, but we had no idea that this popular hairstyle would become fashionable again. Even though many trends make a reappearance after a certain period of time, it seemed that wouldn’t be the case for the perm.

The perm, or permanent hair waves, can be seen in fashion shows around the world, and we look forward to embracing it once again. It was about time for it to return. Even though light and flowing hair waves have been fashionable for many (maybe too many) seasons, and even though they look flawless on everyone, we have grown tired of them, and the time has come for something new. And by new, we mean the long-forgotten perm that, all of a sudden, looks so good. Proof of that are celebrities and popular influencers.

A perm is an excellent solution for those with thin hair that lacks volume. However, it is also important to point out that a perm is not a suitable hairstyle for very thin and dyed hair. It is not recommended to mix the chemicals in hair dye with those used for making a perm. However, with the development of technology, products that do not contain ammonia are used today, so the process itself does not include an unpleasant smell, and keratin, herbal extracts, or silk proteins are mixed with less toxic and ‘safer’ chemicals in order to reduce the damage to hair structure to a minimum.

Modern perms are easy to maintain, and you only need to dry your hair with a towel, nourish it, and devote a little extra time to it.

Hairdressers point out that there are two types of perm: acid and alkaline. While making the first type of perm, the acid one, hair strands are broken more gently, so the process itself lasts longer. On the other hand, the alkaline perm contains a greater concentration of the chemical ingredient, so the process is faster and a little bit more aggressive. In order to protect the hair before a perm, special products for hair care that protect fibres in hair strands are used before the process, such as those containing keratin and collagen.

If you are not sure whether a perm would look good on you or you just want to have this hairstyle occasionally, remember that these curls don’t have to be permanent. You can achieve the same effect by using hair curlers and hair styling products. However, for achieving a more permanent effect, your hair needs to be treated with chemical agents.

Karine Jackson, a hair expert from London, provided a perfect explanation for Harper’s Bazaar, saying that light curls that were popular in the 1980s have been replaced by more gentle and bigger waves that look much more natural. The technology is also more advanced, so the process of hair curling is less damaging.

If you decide to go for a perm, the first thing you should do is consult your hairdresser. Both men and women were obsessed with permanent and voluminous curls in the 80s, and they look very modern and cool even today. Why not give them a go?

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